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This is my own personal record of the things I've read. Half of these will be books for uni (I'm a 2nd year literature undergraduate!)

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Divergent  - Veronica Roth

I'm very good at critiquing books by things I've read on tumblr. As a literature student who nearly never has to study anything written after 1950, this especially applies to modern books. So when I jokingly made such a comment about Divergent to my sister (messynotebooks), and found a copy of it lying on my bed with a note saying "Give it a try, won't you?" I felt a little bit guilty. I'm always susceptible to a guilt trip. So I gave it a go.


The first thing I would say about this is at points the narrative voice is weak. Annoyingly weak. There are fantastic concepts that are described in crude and underdeveloped ways, which is really frustrating. The narrative voice in itself is good, but the weak points really limit it.


There's also a lot of really cringey teenage sentiments. I can remember thinking a lot of these myself five years ago, which makes the whole deal a lot worse. It makes it realistic in many respects, but a few of these attitudes promote problematic ways of thinking. Whilst it might be important to acknowledge these in a novel for young adults, it shouldn't be presented as the 'natural' way of thinking without any alternative offered.


All that said, I still gave it 4 stars, which is a pretty high rating for me. Why? It's a bloody good story, when it all comes down to it. I'm going to have to relent and borrow the other ones in the series off my sister when I go home for easter. God dammit girl, as if I don't have enough unread books already.


Now I've finished and reviewed three books today, so I need to go and wallow in my 'what the hell do I do now' sadness. Lottie out.